Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My hometown

Today, I'll go back to my hometown. I want to see my parents, friends and so on.
I'll stay there about one weeks. If I take funny pictures, I'll show you.
But, today is a busy day. My friend came to Japan yesterday, and we met tonight.
We talked about many things(in English and sometimes Japanese). It's fun for me.
But, I haven't finished preparation to go back yet. And I have to watch 24.
I have to clean my room. There are many things I have to do. Oops! Please help me!!


Ji Won said...


It's a shame that we can't really help you since you're in Japan and we're in America! But I sure do hope that you'll have a good time in your hometown. ^^

Keep blogging!

Dennis said...

Hi, Shingo.

It sounds like you've been quite busy! Because of that, I'm glad you've found time to make a new posting to your blog.

I hope you have a good time in your home town. I'm sure it will be lots of fun to see your family and friends there. Enjoy your time with them!

I'm glad your friend arrived and that both of you had a good time when you got together.

I wish you good luck when your classes start and wish I could help you!

Best wishes--

Dennis in Arizona

Nina Liakos said...

What does "watch 24" mean? have a good time visiting your family!

Anonymous said...

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